Silvia Ferrarese

Silvia Ferrarese is a researcher at the Physics department of the University of Turin. She deals with atmospheric physics with a particular interest in the study of CO2 , modelling for air quality and the study of the planetary boundary layer. She is the coordinator of MetAlp project.

Davide Bertoni


Alessio Golzio

Alessio Golzio studied at the Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico at ITIS A. Avogadro in Turin. Then he graduated in Physics at the University of Turin with a specialization in Environmental Physics. In 2020 he obtained his PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of Milan, with a thesis entitled: "High-mountain environment under climate change. The interactions between climate, meteorology and geomorphological factors ".


Irene Bollati

Irene Bollati graduated in Geological Sciences in 2006 and subsequently obtained a PhD from the University of Milan (2012). She is currently a researcher at the Department of Earth Sciences “A. Desio" of the University of Milan. She deals with geomorphology of mountain environments and has worked in different areas in the Alps (Italy, Switzerland) and in the Apennines. She pays particular attention to the landscape as a cultural asset, to its evolution and to the didactic applications for schools and general public.

Manuela Pelfini

Manuela Pelfini is Full Professor since 2012 at the University of Milan and the Department of Earth Sciences "A. Desio ". In the most recent period her research activity has mainly concerned the impacts of climate change on geomorphological processes, on the characteristics of the geomorphological landscape in the various morphoclimatic regions, on tree vegetation as an indicator of environmental changes, and on the geomorphological heritage, with particular regard to the areas more sensitive such as those in the high mountains. Such topics also represented the starting point for a research on the teaching of physical geography-geomorphology: geodiversity and geomorphological heritage; geomorphological changes in a context of climate change; climate change and raising of the altitude limit of the forest; dendroclimatic reconstructions and forcing factors; didactics of Earth Sciences.

Claudio Cassardo

Claudio Cassardo is Associate Professor at the School of Nature Sciences (University of Turin) since November 2000. He graduated in Physics at the University of Turin, and obtained a PhD in Geophysics from the University of Genoa. He was a Meteorologist for one year at the Italian Meteorological Service. He was a researcher at the University of Eastern Piedmont from 1993 to 2000. His main research interests include the study of the processes of exchange of physical properties that occur at the interface between the atmosphere and the Earth's surface, with particular regard to the physical parameters in the soil (temperature and humidity) and turbulent heat flows, also from a climatological point of view. His activity varies from a theoretical approach, including the use of numerical models, to experimental activity: in this regard, he is the manager of the meteorological measuring stations of the Department of General Physics of the University of Turin.

Massimiliano Manfrin


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